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Dr. Eeks

Causes Or Cures is an independent, health podcast hosted by Dr. Eeks. She works in the field of public/global health as a consultant, writes, is passionate about how science is communicated, and has a penchant for using a blue-collar sense of humor as a health communications tool. She is currently consulting on several public health initiatives, and if you are interested in learning more, feel free to email. On this podcast, she features experts in their field, doctors, public health experts, public figures, researchers, interesting people, "characters", and folks with compelling personal stories, with the goal of discussing hot topics in public health and wellness in a down-to-earth kinda way. Sometimes we will discuss strange or weird stuff, too. ;) DISCLAIMER: Some topics are more controversial than others, so keep in mind that this is information ONLY and not any kind of health advice. Dr. Eeks doesn't endorse any of her guests' views nor does she endorse any products, supplements, oils or potions. Causes or Cures is not a "news site." It's about having conversations, and Dr. Eeks is confident that she can have a respectful conversation with anyone, even people who think far differently than she does. Some people are experts, some people are interesting or intriguing to talk to, and some people are both. The point is to not take anything here as Gospel and to use your critical thinking skills to establish an informed opinion about something. Eeks does all the interviews from her home or while on the road traveling via Zoom, and does her best to make them sound okay. Somestimes her dog Barnaby makes his opinion known, but the good news is that he's a smart dog. Most importantly, she hopes this podcast encourages folks to stay curious, empathic, compassionate, honest, open-minded and engaged. Freedom of discussion is a beautiful thing, one that many take for granted. **The views on this podcast do not reflect the views of anyone she consults for. (If you are interested in health consulting, scicomms work, just want to say hi, want a killer gluten-free brownie recipe..., please contact her through
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