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Causes Or Cures

Erin Stair, MD, MPH

Causes Or Cures is a health and wellness podcast hosted by Dr. Eeks (ErinKate Stair, MD, MPH.) It's kind of nerdy, too. Erin is a public health analyst & health communications consultant. She is also the creator of ZENBands ( wellness headphones designed for relaxation), a graduate of West Point, the founder of the health blog and store,, and author of Manic Kingdom & Yours in Wellness, Krystal Heeling, Letters from the Wellness Industry, available on Amazon. (It's a short parody on everything that's wrong with the wellness industry. Don't read it unless you have a sense of humor. ;) ) On this podcast, Erin features experts in their field, doctors, public figures, researchers, and folks with compelling personal stories with the goal of discussing hot topics in public health, medicine and overall wellness. Some topics are more controversial than others, so keep in mind that this is information only and not medical or public health advice. Causes or Cures is about having conversations, and Erin is confident she can have a conversation with anyone. Some people are experts, some people are interesting to talk to, and some people are both. She does all the interviews from her NYC apartment via Skype or Zoom and does her best to make them sound okay. That said, this isn't a podcast with lots of bells and whistles and she refused to pay a thousand bucks per episode to rent out a fancy studio, because that would be insane.You might hear a city noise once in a while, or her dog Barnaby might bark, but that's just him saying Hello. ;) Most importantly, she hopes this podcast encourages folks to stay curious, open-minded and engaged.(The views on this podcast do not reflect the views of anyone Erin works or consults for. This is her baby and her baby alone.) To reach Erin: [email protected]

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