Causes Or Cures

Sharonza, Elijah, Art, Life and Cornelia de Lange Syndrome

October 11, 2020 Dr. Eeks/ Sharonza Penson Episode 48
Causes Or Cures
Sharonza, Elijah, Art, Life and Cornelia de Lange Syndrome
Show Notes

In this episode of Causes or Cures, Dr. Eeks chats with Sharonza Penson, a very talented artist and single mom in Texas. Sharonza is mom to Elijah, her beautiful four year old son.

When Elijah was born, Sharonza learned that Elijah had a rare genetic disorder called Cornelia de Lange Syndrome. The doctors told her that Elijah wouldn't be able to do much and in the podcast, Sharonza talks about that day and how that conversation made her feel.

While Elijah has many medical difficulties, has already undergone numerous surgeries, and is currently non-verbal, Sharonza is confident he will talk one day. Elijah has already found other ways to communicate though, including the keyboard and the drums. He has a peg tube to assist with feeding and though he's small for his age, Elijah has a larger-than-life personality. In the podcast, Sharonza discusses Elijah's medical issues and what her day-to-day looks like as Elijah's sole caretaker. In fact, she recorded the podcast from the hospital, because Elijah is there for a procedure.

Sharonza is also an incredibly talented artist, and you can see for yourself on her Instagram feed. In the podcast she discusses her art, what inspires her and her goals. When Elijah was born, Sharonza left a successful career to take care of him full time, though as you can imagine, that hasn't been easy. She talks about that transition and the financial difficulties it brought, especially after a car accident that totalled her car. In fact, she sells her art and raises funds with the hope of raising enough money to purchase a new car to take Elijah to his frequent doctor appointments.

After you listen to the episode, if you are interested in contacting Sharonza or seeing more of her art, you can contact her on Instagram or via email: [email protected]
If you are interested in contributing to her and Elijah's cause, you can do so via GoFundMe or Zelle ( [email protected]), Paypal ([email protected]), or CashApp : ($Sharonza9)   

Thanks for listening and hope you find her story inspiring!

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