Causes Or Cures

Misinformation, Dissent & Censorship, with Dr. Joe Schwarcz

November 16, 2021 Dr. Eeks/Dr. Joe Schwarcz Episode 76
Causes Or Cures
Misinformation, Dissent & Censorship, with Dr. Joe Schwarcz
Show Notes

In this episode of Causes or Cures, Dr. Eeks discusses "misinformation vs dissent" with Dr. Joe Schwarcz. Topics discussed include: who/what are credible sources; censorship; who is doing the fact checking; who defines what misinformation is/isn't; how do you weed out scientific dissent from misinformation; what to do with anecdotes; and how one measures the potential impact of misinformation. 

Dr. Schwarcz is Director of McGill University's Office for Science and Society which has the mission of "separating sense from nonsense." The office is currently focused on determining what is misinformation and what is not regarding COVID-19. Dr. Schwarcz is also a spokesperson for ScienceUpFirst, a national initiative funded by Public Health Canada, whose mission is to weed out COVID-19 misinformation. Dr. Schwarcz is also a chemistry professor, hosts "The Dr. Joe Show" on Montreal's CJAD and has appeared hundreds of times on The Discovery channel, CTV, CBC, TV Ontario and Global Television.  He is also a magician. 

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